Inma Prologue

Prologue (repost)
Beginnings and endings are always sudden.
Life that should have ended trivially, soon resumes in another form.

「You’ve come, Otherworld resident.」

Before my eyes was a black goth loli girl.
The delicate chest looks thin.
Right next to her was a sharp eyed girl clad in armor.
Her boobs were fairly large.
On the ground there was a magic circle like pattern.
The interior looked like a typical castle made of stone.
In the distance I see a maid with bat like wings.

this is…

「fufu It seems he’s so surprised his voice won’t come out. You were summoned from another world. You probably thought. I don’t want to die. And in your heart dwells a dark desire. Am i wrong?」

Nii~ the girl smiles.
I felt instinctual fear towards that smile.
It felt as if my entire being was being seen through by those deep crimson eyes.
I started to smile. It probably looked like a cramped shameful smile though.
Lets stare To learn about the other party.

「No, that’s not quite right, Thank you for saving me, is what I should say.」
「Hmph. It’s not like I saved you. The only reason I summoned you was because it was necessary. …Your name?」

I feel like the condescending girl is releasing something like killing intent due to my language.
While sweating coldly in my mind, I responded as if nothing was wrong.

「Subaru Yoru. If possible, would you be willing to tell me your name?」
「Hou, do you have more guts than I thought, or are you simply an idiot. Well, I don’t care. It’s Fine. (TL note, fee ne) This one is my attendant Rona.
「Best regards, Fine-san, Rona-san. So then, there must be some sort of purpose?」

Lets use -san since I felt something like killing intent when I spoke without honorifics.
The attendant on the side had a not so pleased expression while knitting her brow.

「That is so. You were summoned to this world to collect magical power.」
「If I decline?」
「That goes without saying. We’ll simply look for another human to replace you.」

Basically, I’m in a position where I’ll immediately be killed if I decline. That’s how it is.
It seems that feeling of my skin being prickled from what felt like bloodlust wasn’t my imagination.

「Alright. so, what should I do?」
「Rona, explain.」
「Yes. well then…」

Like that, the details explained by the assistant Rona are thus.
That the world I was summoned to is called hell.
In addition, heaven and the human realm exist as well.
My assignment is to go to the human realm and somehow collect magical power.
Magical power is born from human desire as well as their negative feelings. To be honest with ones desires and, appease ones despair and hatred, it’s that kind of thing.

That’s the gist of it.

「So basically, become Fine-san’s pawn and do abominable things」
「Well, in general that not wrong.」

Towards my sour face which looked as if I had swallowed a bug, Fine laughed.
Simultaneously, perhaps I was seen through.
In feeling excitement from the fact that I would be visited with the opportunity to appease dark desires, and not in small numbers either.

「Thinking about this normally, I’d be murdered by my fellow adventurers. I don’t mean to brag but, I’m weak.」
「What, No need to worry, Just give me a few gifts and a servant」

The gifts are 3 jewels, 『Power』、『Magic』、And 『Incubus』, if you told me to choose between them, I’d choose 『Incubus』.
The ability, Incubus, looks like it could be useable. After touching the jewel, it immediately turned into a bracelet.
I’m told that, basically, this bracelet automatically collects released magical power.
Collected magical power can be used for magic, once a month its necessary to supply a certain amount to Fine-san.
Apparently, if I overuse magic, the supply amount for Fine-san would be insufficient, so my useless self would be killed.
I also have to be careful when using my ability.

「Hmm. So you chose that. May I hear the reason?」
「Honestly, exercise isn’t really my strong point. Plus, even if my magic suddenly got stronger, I’d probably get cocky.
「Lets leave it at that.」

I definitely heard that loud and clear.
The inner desire in my heart is to control women and make them my slaves.
So, the Incubus ability is just right.
Once i get used to this ability, Fine and Rona in front of me as well….

「 That’s right, that bracelet is a part of my abilities, So it wont work on me?」
「…Is that so」 TL note: I can sense his disappointment LOL

It feels like Rona is glaring at me again.
It really feels like I’m being seen through.
It’s probably just my facial expressions giving me away though.
I know that I have a personality that is easily reflected on my face.

「All that’s left is the attendant, Which one.」

*snap* Again Fine snapped her fingers.

Being summoned out of nowhere, a variety of demons appeared in my surroundings.
One with animal limbs and ears, one with the lower body of a snake, one with a body made out of rock, one with a jewel in his forehead, one with wings, one with scales, one that has half a body of vegetation…..honestly, a variety of different demons.
For all of them to be girls, I guess my desire was seen through.

「Well then, anyone in this room other than myself or Rona is ok. You can take any one person. Worry not, I’ll cast a slave curse on them for you. Absolute obedience towards you, Not a bad deal right?

I’m told so, but I’ll still look at them carefully, one by one.
I’m being looked down on.
Everyone’s eyes show the same.
They all think I’m just a worthless existence.
By the power of the “Incubus” gem, my eyes turned into that of an Incubus, my gaze should charm those of the opposite sex but it doesn’t seem like its working at all.

Basically, they aren’t ones that can be easily controlled.

The control magic is also Fine-san’s. The chances of being abandoned when the time comes is high.
For it to not come to that, I’m going to need a servant that’s completely obedient towards me but….


「In that case, I want that maid as a servant」
「What did you say?」
「She’s also in this room, There’s no problem, right?」
「That is true however…」

Fine-san’s voice was agitated for a second.
This answer was probably not foreseen.
It seems the retort got revenge?
The reason for the choice was simple. She was the only one who hung her head down in embarrassment when our line of sight met.
In other words, the charm effect was able to get through.
In order to practice the Incubus ability, a servant like that girl is best.
To make sure she doesn’t betray me, I’ll thoroughly train her.

「……It can’t be helped. Is that girl really alright? Just to let you know but, amongst them, the one that is by far the weakest is that girl.」
「Ah, I don’t mind.」
「……Are you just a stupid nympho」(TL: tada no iroboke)

Rona’s expression was cold. Well, it can’t be helped for them to think of it like that.
However, this had some amount of thought put into it.

After that, Fine-san placed a slave curse on the maid girl.
Hereafter, I was taught the common knowledge of the human realm such as housing and currency before it was decided for me to be sent out.